MLB Custom Projection Tool Now Supports DraftKings and DraftStreet

Up to this point the MLB Custom Projection Tool has only supported projections and optimal lineups for Fanduel. As of tonight’s update DraftKings and DraftStreet are now supported with all of the same features that you’ve been getting with Fanduel. To choose what site you’d like to generate a lineup for change the Fantasy Site setting on the Adjustment Selection tab of the Projection Tool.


Everything else should function just as it did before, but you will need to run the “To Solver” button for each site you want to find a lineup for. If you want to get a Fanduel lineup – get your adjustment settings in place and then hit “To Solver” as you normally would. Now you can use the Solver tab on the Solver file. Then, if you want a DraftKings lineup – get back into the Projection Tool, switch the Fantasy Site setting to DraftKings and hit “To Solver” again. Now in the Solver file you can use the DraftKings Solver tab and click “Run Model” there. In the Solver file – you’ll see 2 additional tabs. Along with the familiar “Solver” tab (used for Fanduel) you’ll see a DraftKings Solver and DraftStreet Solver tabs. Use those tabs for the respective site that you’d like to generate a lineup for.

Be sure to click “To Solver’ in the Projection Tool and Run Model in the Solver file for each lineup you’d like to generate.

To load the player pools for each site it’s important that you load the All-Day Contest data that’s delivered in the Google Spreadsheet. If you only care about Fanduel you won’t need to take any extra step. However, if you want a DK or DS lineup then you’ll need to export the player pool CSV from the contest page. Here’s what it should look like on each site.





In the Projection Tool you’ll see two new tabs for “DS Data” and “DK Data.” Copy the entire sheet from the downloaded CSV and paste it over the data in the tab for the site you want.

One thing to note on DraftStreet. Technically, you can plug in a Relief Pitcher in the 3rd pitcher slot. At this time, the tool will only select 3 starting pitchers (all will need to be projected starters for the day).

If you run into any issues please leave a comment or send me an email.

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MLB Custom Projection Tool Video Walk-Through

Here’s a brief video walk-through on how to use the MLB Custom Projection Tool. You can see more in-depth documentation on how the tool works in the User Guide.

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Introducing the Daily Fantasy Baseball Custom Projection Tool

Fantasy sports is something I’m passionate about because it lies in the intersection of two things I love: sports and analytics. Daily fantasy sports has become a major element to fantasy sports over the last few years, and I’ve enjoyed getting a chance to test my knowledge on a daily basis and have a chance to win some money. There’s one problem I have with daily fantasy sports though. It takes an incredible amount of time to do the kind of research I feel is necessary to have confidence on a day-to-day basis in my lineup selection. I know the best players in the game are spending hours each day researching trends, reading news, and analyzing stats. With a full-time job, a 2 year old, and other commitments I don’t have hours in my day that I can devote to researching for my daily fantasy lineups.

My limited time to devote to fantasy sports was the motivation behind building the Spreadsheet-Sports MLB Custom Projection Tool. My goal was to bring as many relevant stats that I could into a spreadsheet that I could use suggest the best possible lineup. There are so many great sites out there for fantasy recommendations and different stats you can use to build your team. The problem I have with those tools is that everything is disconnected. You often get contradictory information depending on what metric you decide to look at. You end up having to make a gut decision between 3 great players who are all expected to have plus matchups. I wanted a tool that was going to take all of that information into account and then give me a final recommendation. The tool is not designed to guarantee that you’ll consistently win money in the big GPP contests, but it will give you all of the relevant stats in one place. It will give you all the raw data the best players in the industry are using to consistently win money – it’s then up to you to add your own intuition as the final piece of the puzzle. If you’re looking for a tool that will minimize the time you need to spend on research and maximize the amount of historical data you’re able to take into account to set the best possible lineup – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

To give you an idea of some of the features of the MLB Custom Projection Tool, there are 3 main components:

  1. Automated Starting Lineup Identification
  2. Custom Projection Engine
  3. Optimal Lineup Generator

Automated Starting Lineup Identification

The Custom Projection spreadsheet contains a live connection to official lineups posted online before every game. For later games for which official lineups are not yet released you can manually set the lineups based on your own knowledge or allow the tool to assume the regular starters will play. Here’s the Lineup interface:



You have the ability to exclude teams if you’re playing in early-only or late-only contests or if games are expected to be postponed due to weather. In addition, you can exclude players that you know you don’t want included in your optimal lineup or add projected points to players if you just have a hunch that a certain player is going to have a big game and you want to guarantee they’re included in your lineup.


Custom Projection Engine

With the Custom Projection Tool you’ll create your baseline projections for players by using a weighted average (where you have the flexibility to choose the weights) of fantasy points per game over the batters’

  • Career
  • Current Season
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 7 Days

For Pitchers you will be able to choose Career or Current Season.

You’ll then be able to adjust your projections based on each player’s historical performance data on some of the most important factors in baseball including:

  • Opposing Pitcher Overall Ability
  • Ballpark
  • Opposing Pitcher Throwing Hand
  • Opposing Pitcher Flyball/Groundball tendency
  • Opposing Pitcher Power vs. Finesse
  • Vegas Betting Line
  • Vegas Betting Total

For more on the way these adjustments are calculated you can refer to the MLB Custom Projection Tool User Guide.


Optimal Lineup Generator (and stack settings)

The final step is to run your projections through Excel Solver to get a lineup that maximizes your projected points while staying within the salary cap requirements and stipulation that you have a maximum of 4 players from a single team. You will also be able to indicate a particular team that you’d like to stack players from if you think a team has a favorable matchup. You can choose up to 3 teams from which to stack players and the number of players you’d like to stack.

Once you get a recommended lineup you will be able to go back to any previous step and tweak your settings until you settle on a lineup you like.

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