2015 NCAA Tournament Game Projections

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 16, 2015

As you fill out your bracket for the 2015 NCAA tournament you might get stuck on a few games that you can’t decide on or that seem like virtual toss-ups. Enter the 2015 NCAA Tournament Game Projection Tool. This visualization is designed to help you analyze a particular matchup and see a projected score and the probability the team you’ve selected will win. Here’s how to use the tool: 1. Select the team you’re interested in analyzing in the Selected Team box. 2. If you’re interested in projected scores against any other NCAA tournament team jump down to the Opponent… Read More »

2015 NCAA Tournament Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 16, 2015

The 2015 NCAA tournament starts this week, and it’s time to get your bracket picks submitted. To help you make the smartest choices possible I’ve put together a robust set of resources that allow you to analyze this season’s data in Excel format. The tools I’ve included are: 2015-NCAA-Tournament-Bracket This is simply the standard PDF bracket that you can find on any of the major media sites in Excel format. You can track winners as the tournament unfolds. 2015 NCAA Game Results Data The full definition of the dataset is provided on the page above. You’ll get the final score… Read More »

NBA Daily Fantasy Player Research Dashboard

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 14, 2015

As I use the NBA Projection Tool to build my own lineups I often find that I’d like to drill down into specific players and see all of the stats that factor into the final projection. If I’m using the Last 10 Games as part of my base projection I’d like to be able to see what happened in that player’s last 10 games. Did he have one big game that pulled the average up but the rest of the games were mediocre? I’d also like to see recent stats on other opponents against the same position as that player… Read More »

How to Generate Multiple Lineups with the NBA Projection Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 10, 2015

Previously, the NBA Projection Tool could only produce what it considered to be the “best” lineup for a given day. You could always make changes to certain players or tweak the projections and run it again for a new lineup, but you could only get 1 lineup each time you ran it. With a new update to the Solver spreadsheet – you can now generate as many lineups (time permitting) as you’d like. You’ll see the new file on the login page so if you’re already a subscriber be sure to grab it or sign up today if you’re interested in… Read More »

2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Game Results Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on January 30, 2015

The full list of NCAA Division 1 game by game results for the 2015 season are now available for download. The file will be updated weekly until the end of the season. The file is stored as an Excel .xlsx file so it’s compatible with Excel 2007 or later. For every game played involving a Division 1 team you will see 2 records in the data set. One with a team listed as “Team” and their opponent listed as “Opponent” and another row for the same game where the “Opponent” is now the “Team” and the “Team” is now the… Read More »

NBA Daily Projection Accuracy – Backtesting Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski on January 11, 2015

One of the biggest questions of any projection system is “how accurate have they been?” In daily fantasy sports, that question often turns into “how many contests, or how much money has been won using these projections?” Both of these questions are difficult to answer and I would contend that the second question about how many contests have been won is a poor way to measure a projection system. There are so many different types of contests that you’re introducing an entirely new level of variability. Even the very best projection system is going to struggle to win GPP’s because only… Read More »

First Look – NFL Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski on August 29, 2014

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of statistical research on the NFL and week to week scoring. Next Tuesday (September 2nd) the Spreadsheet Sports NFL Projection Tool will be available to purchase, and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better resource to help you build your weekly fantasy lineups. The tool will support Fanduel and DraftKings out of the gate and fresh data will be loaded each week of the season. I’ll save the details for when it’s launched, but here’s a quick look at the adjustments and features you’ll have at your… Read More »

MLB Custom Projection Tool Now Supports DraftKings and DraftStreet

By: Bryan Povlinski on June 2, 2014

Up to this point the MLB Custom Projection Tool has only supported projections and optimal lineups for Fanduel. As of tonight’s update DraftKings and DraftStreet are now supported with all of the same features that you’ve been getting with Fanduel. To choose what site you’d like to generate a lineup for change the Fantasy Site setting on the Adjustment Selection tab of the Projection Tool. Everything else should function just as it did before, but you will need to run the “To Solver” button for each site you want to find a lineup for. If you want to get a Fanduel… Read More »

MLB Custom Projection Tool Video Walk-Through

By: Bryan Povlinski on May 1, 2014

Here’s a brief video walk-through on how to use the MLB Custom Projection Tool. You can see more in-depth documentation on how the tool works in the User Guide. Click here for Purchase Details

Update on MLB Projection Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 29, 2014

I’ve gotten a few emails over the last couple of days inquiring about the custom projection tool for MLB. It was my goal to have it ready for Opening Day, but I don’t feel like it’s fully ready to be released this weekend. It’s very close, but I want to make sure everything works well before I make it available for purchase. I’d like to get a few days of actual games into the database to make sure it works as expected and I should be ready to release towards the end of week after Opening Day.

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